Making A Real Difference. One Trade At A Time.

Globerec AB is a family owned trading business! We have been providing recycling services to Commercial and Industrial companies for over 31 years. Founded in Sweden we have a solid foundation in the global community and have strong ties with Europe and Asia.

But what really sets us apart is our passion for recycling. Unlike most waste management companies who have a primary business to fill landfills, our business is to divert usable material from landfills and find ways to use these materials and convert them into useful products. We globally buy waste/scrap materials (Paper, Plastics & Metals) and recycle them through our joint-ventured recycling units in Pakistan.

We have a passion for recycling we feel it’s our personal responsibility to make a positive difference for our future generations. Globerec AB is unique & with your help we can make an even bigger impact.

So give us a call, send us a message and come join us in this challenge to change the world!

What else can we do to convince you?

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